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Fire Inspections / AEDs

The Fire Prevention Branch provides a variety of services targeted to commercial, industrial, school, public assembly, health care and multi-residential properties, including:

  • Annual commercial fire inspections: reviews commercial properties for fire code compliance.

  • Fire investigation: works with the Fire Suppression Branch to research fires of suspicious origin.

  • Construction plans review and technical services: required for all new construction and renovation to ensure code compliance prior to issuance of building permits. The review includes fire suppression devices, exits, storage, fire alarm systems and review of storage and manufacturing of hazardous materials.

Fire Inspections - Who do I contact for a fire inspection?
Contact the Broward Sheriff's Office, Fire Marshal's Bureau at 954-831-8210.

AED Inspections -
Businesses that have required AED (automated external defibrillators) installed, the AED are inspected each year during the annual fire inspection of the business. It is the businesses responsibility to maintain the AED.

Fire Extinguishers - Do you certify fire extinguishers?
No, fire departments do not certify fire extinguishers. You can take them to a certified dealer which can be found in the phone book or on-line, for the closest available location. We are not permitted to recommend a specific vendor.

Copy of a Report - How do I obtain a copy of a rescue and/or fire report?
For reports, please contact the Broward Sheriff's Office, Fire Marshal's Bureau at 954-831-8210.