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Code Enforcement
The City of Weston contracts with Calvin, Giordano & Associates for code enforcement services. Code Enforcement is provided to promote, protect and improve the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the City. Enforcement is concerned about the preservation, maintenance and aesthetics of all residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout the City. It takes the cooperation of all property owners and tenants.

There is a simple solution to maintaining good neighborhoods -- Individual property owner responsibility. Unfortunately, some people are not always responsible owners. That is why government creates minimum standards for housing, yards, parking, etc. These standards protect surrounding property owners and tenants, who might otherwise suffer from substandard conditions.
To Make a Code Complaint

A citizen can report a complaint by calling the Code Enforcement Division at 954-385-0500 or click on the Online Code Complaint/Search link above. If it is determined that a violation exists, the inspector issues a notice of violation.

Code Enforcement Officers have the primary duty to enforce various ordinances and codes and may initiate enforcement proceedings before the Special Magistrate. In all cases, voluntary compliance is the foremost goal where code violations exist. Notification of Code Violations are issued pursuant to State Statutes 162.12.
Keeping Weston properties maintained is not only aesthetically beneficial, but economically advantageous to all property owners and businesses within the City.