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Can I fish in the lakes?

Florida state law allows fishing in any public body of water. City ordinance prohibits fishing from bridges.

Who handles the maintenance in my community?

Besides the lakes, the City does not maintain the infrastructure or properties within the communities. Please contact your homeowners' association for information on maintenance questions - a printable list of Home Owner Associations and their respective Management Companies is available on the Code Enforcement web page.

Who maintains the lakes?

The City does however maintain a majority of the water bodies/lakes inside the communities, though some are privately owned. For questions or concerns on lake maintenance, please call 954-385-2600.

Can I park my commercial vehicles at home?

Commercial vehicles are not allowed to be parked at residential properties unless in a fully enclosed garage.


Barking Dogs/Noisy Animals

Allowing or permitting any dog or cat to habitually bark, whine, howl, scream, or meow, or to make other loud and continual noise, resulting in a serious annoyance or interference to neighboring residents.

Must all dogs be on leashes?

Yes, all dogs in public must be on leashes.

Can I shoot the turkey vultures?

Turkey vultures cannot be shot with any type of weapon.

Who do I call about an alligator?

For alligators, please contact Alligator Control at 866-392-4286 between 8AM-5PM or 561-357-4200 after hours. Only nuisance alligators can be removed. All other animals, dead or alive, must be removed through a private vendor.