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AM Radio

For City of Weston Events & Information, Traffic
and Emergency Notification Transmissions

Residents, businesses and visitors can tune their car radios to 1680 AM, when in the city, for up to the minute information on city events, programs, registrations, and street closures. In the event of an emergency - all broadcasts will be interrupted and emergency notification information will be provided during events such as a water main break, hurricane or other crisis where information and/or directions regarding emergency procedures are necessary. The station has a four-day battery backup in the case of a power outage.

WPUV, 1680AM began broadcasting in October 2002 on a short-range, low frequency radio station that is available to governmental entities through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The license with the FCC forbids the selling of advertising and restricts announcements on the Travelers Information Station to transmission of only non-commercial voice information. We are not permitted to identify the commercial name of any business establishment whose service is available within or outside the coverage area.

The broadcast information is recorded onto a 14 minute continuous loop. Information is updated via phone line daily by the Office of Communications and can be changed on a moment's notice. The information provided on 1680AM includes Community Center class offerings, city events, upcoming holiday notices and seasonal safety tips, bulk trash collection days, travel information regarding street construction, field closures, athletic league registrations, senior bus trips, city meetings and announcements and more.