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The Weston Annual Report provides a condensed look at the year in review. From Weston's top-tier financial status, its ability to provide state of the art police, fire and emergency services, to a premier parks and recreational system and more, each element of the city is showcased. The Weston Annual Report is another way in which we choose to communicate with you, the residents and stakeholders.


A quarterly newsletter, "The Weston Announcer," was printed and mailed to residents through February 2010, and these are provided below. Today, Newsday Tuesday, located on the website homepage provides weekly news articles online at


The City of Weston publishes various informational and educational brochures for residents and visitors. Those brochures that are available in an electronic version are listed below and available for you to download and print. Copies of current brochures are available at City Hall and the Weston Community Center.


The Weston Annual Report, newsletter and brochures have won numerous state, national and International awards. Awards

** The following publications are in PDF format and require the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader X .
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Annual Reports Brochures
  »  Fiscal Year 2009 **   »  Be Head Smart Brochure
  »  Fiscal Year 2008   »  Visitors Guide, 2018 Edition
  »  Fiscal Year 2007   »  Obtaining a Business Tax Receipt
  »  Fiscal Year 2006   »  Our Parks: Past, Present and Future
  »  Fiscal Year 2005   »  Water Quality Report 2016
  »  Fiscal Year 2004   »  Weston Mitigation Brochure
  »  Fiscal Year 2003   »  Weston Map & Guide 2017-18
  »  Fiscal Year 2002   »  2015 Weston Runner Safety Brochure
  »  Fiscal Year 2001   »  Weston @ Play, Winter/Spring 2018