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Youth In Government

Getting a civic education and having fun at the same time.

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The Weston University Program, initiated by the City of Weston in 2002, is a seven month program for Weston high school students that provides participants with an opportunity to learn about state and local government; in particular, Weston's municipal government, through a combination of classroom and real-world experiences from the people who work there. The University Program concept was originated by Weston's City Manager, John R. Flint and developed by the City's Director of Communications. Select students from Cypress Bay, Sagemont and Western High Schools participate each year.
Only through promoting an informed citizenry can we ensure effective
governance and civic health.
Each September, juniors, seniors and select sophomores are offered entry into the program via their high school by submitting an essay entitled "Communities Need Leaders." The field of students is narrowed by school administration and when necessary, the City's Director of Communications and the final class of 20-24 students is selected.

The Weston University Program class commences each October during Florida City Government Week. Students spend one school day each month with city staff. Monthly program days are made up of instruction, conversations, observations and hand-on activities exposing them to the numerous City services and functions that are provided to residents. Moreover, students are provided a comprehensive look into state and local government and the intergovernmental and public/private partnerships that Weston has developed.

Students are required to participate in a City Commission simulation and utilize the knowledge they have gained throughout the program year to present and/or defend their side of several agenda issues. Lastly, students are honored with a graduation ceremony and are presented with unique diplomas and a memory book at a City Commission meeting.

The City of Weston recognizes the possible rewards
of educating our students and encouraging them
to become involved in their community.
The Weston University Program
is Weston's approach to providing a unique civic education
that includes a very personal experience
through open communication with elected officials
and city department personnel.

The Weston University Program has been highly successful. Staff and students alike enjoy the interaction and examination of Weston's unique form of government. Who say's government can't be fun? The Weston University Program proves you can combine learning and fun into one enjoyable program.

Goals & Objectives

  • To create a unique educational and personal experience for high school students, through open communication with government officials and departments.
  • To expose students to the multiple layers of government and various career possibilities.
  • To provide a civic education on government in Florida.
  • To enable students to understand procedures for making their opinions and concerns known to local government.
  • Students will develop an appreciation for and an understanding of local government through instruction, conversations, observation of daily activities and hands-on experiences.
  • Students will gain an understanding of Weston's governmental structure and the role of residents in the decision making process.
  • Students will learn problem-solving procedures used by city government, recognizing the positions taken by city officials and the reasons behind them.
  • Students will effectively participate in a City Commission simulation.

Program Days
8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Class 1
Local & State Government
Weston City Hall
Class 2
Law Enforcement Services
Weston Police Services Building
Class 3
Community Services Department
Weston Community Center
Class 4
Fire and EMS Services & Fire Marshal
Weston Fire Station No. 81
Class 5
Development Services: Planning & Zoning/Engineering
Calvin Giordano and Associates, Inc
More Local Government and Finance
Commission Simulation Preparation
Weston City Hall
Class 7
City Commission Simulation - Mandatory attendance
Weston City Hall - Commission Chambers

Graduation Honors at City Commission Meeting
Weston City Hall