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Forms for Download
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Forms Available for Download
» Applicant Representative Affidavit
» Business Relationship Affidavit
» Business Tax Receipt Holders FY 2018
» Business Tax Receipt Application and Fees
» Certificate of Use
» Certificate of Use: Common Fire Inspection Items
» Event Permit Application
» Estoppel Request Form
» Extended Operating Hours with Alcoholic Beverage License Application
» Extended Operating Hours Permit Application
» Outdoor Seating-Bar License Application
» Homeowner Associations - Consent to Withdraw Water from Water Bodies in the City of Weston
» Homeowner Association List
» Home Occupation Certificate of Use Affidavit
» Individual Property Owner - Consent to Withdraw Water from Water Bodies in the City of Weston
» Schedule of Fees
» Special Event Permit Application - WITH Cooking
» Special Event Permit Application - WITHOUT Cooking
» Special Exception Petition
» Tree Service/Arboist Annual Registration
» Valet Parking Service License Application
» Zoning Variance Petition
Weston Building Department Forms
» A/C Replacement
» Asbestos Disclosure Statement
» Building Permit Application Form (Only)
» Building Permit Application Requirements
» Building Permit Package
» Choosing a Contractor
» Change of Contractor Form
» Contractor Registration Form
» Duct Inspection and Sealing Certification
» FEMA 2015 Elevation Certificate
» Hurricane Mitigation
» Inspection Affidavit
» Inspection Request
» Inspection Requirements - Final Zoning/Landscaping
» Lot Coverage Calculation Worksheet
» Notice of Commencement
» Owner/Builder Affidavit
» Permit Acknowledgements Form
» Permit Revision Application
» Re-Nailing/Secondary Water Barrier Affidavit
» Shutters Information Sheet
» Uniform Building Permit Application Form (Only)
»Windows Door Information
Fire Plan Submittal Requirements - Commercial Developments
» Automatic Fire Suppression System Requirements Weston
» Fire Alarm System Plan Requirements Weston
» Fire Sprinkler System Plan Requirements Weston
» Life Safety Plan Requirements Weston
Public Works and Engineering Permit Forms
» Engineering Permit Application Checklist
» Engineering Application
» Engineering Inspection Checklist
» Cost Recovery for Conveyance of Improvements
» Change of Contractor for Engineering Permits
» Lot Coverage Calculation Worksheet
» Water Meter Application - Indian Trace Development District Only
» Water Meter Size Change Checklist