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Sign Permits

The City of Weston is committed to the preservation and enhancement of our community's value. Strict sign codes have been enacted to support this effort.

The City sign code is available for viewing in its entirety in Chapter 126 of the Weston Code of Ordinances - CLICK HERE Business owners are urged to review the code and contact our Planning and Zoning department prior to the design or purchase of any sign. For more information, please call 954-921-7781.

Prohibited Signs The complete list of prohibited sign types is located in Section 126.10.

The most frequently inquired about types that are prohibited include: Roof signs; inflatable signs; projected signs; signs containing a visible light source or neon; flashing signs; portable signs such as sidewalk signs; and banner signs (except as provided below).

Banner Signs May be permitted on non-residential property after receipt of a sign permit from the City (for up to 30 consecutive days in any 12-month period). Authorization of such banner signs are associated with:
» Initial opening of a business
» Renaming of an existing business
» Change of ownership/management of existing business
Permits are issued by the Weston Planning & Zoning Department, 954-921-7781.

Real Estate Signs. Such signs on residential lots shall not exceed two square feet in area. Real estate signs shall not be erected until the property is listed for sale, and shall be removed within three days of closing or the signing of a lease agreement. No sign may be placed in a public or private right-of-way. See Section 126.18(A) for entirety of Real Estate signs regarding non-residential properties. Special Event Signs may be authorized by the City for periods of up to only 30 consecutive days in any 12-month period, and must be removed no later than 3 days after the event or activity has ended. Such signs shall only be permitted if a Special Event Permit has been authorized.

Special Event Permits (see Special Event Permit) are issued by the Parks and Recreation Department, 954-389-4321.

Permit required. Except as provided in Section 126.02, no permanent or temporary sign shall be erected, constructed, posted, painted, altered, maintained, or relocated until a permit has been issued by the city.

Signs exempt from permitting requirement (Section 126.02). The following signs may be erected or constructed without a permit when in accordance with the city's adopted Building Code and this chapter:

  1. Official traffic, governmental information, and provisional warning signs or sign structures, when erected or required to be erected by a governmental agency.

  2. Temporary signs indicating danger or warning.

  3. Changing of the copy on a bulletin board, poster board, display encasement or marquee.

  4. Election signs .

  5. Real estate signs and real estate leasing signs.

  6. Any sign located within a building, lobby or courtyard and not visible from off site. However, such signs are not exempt from the structural electrical or material specifications as set forth in this code and the city's adopted Building Code.

  7. Flags, whether displayed on poles or in another fashion. Installation of a permanent flag pole or other permanent mounting device shall require a building permit. If the flag pole or device is located on property zoned for other than single family residential uses, the location of the flag pole or device must be shown on the site plan for the property. See Section 126.12 for display standards.

  8. Seasonal decorations in residential areas, if they comply with Section 126.18(C).

  9. To the extent that this division allows a sign displaying commercial content to be exempt from permitting, it shall allow a sign with the same size, length of display, appearance, location, display area, and other physical characteristics to be exempt from permitting if it displays noncommercial content.