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Special and Outdoor Events
Permits and Fees

Event permit applications are submitted to:

Weston Zoning Official
Weston Administrative Services Center
17250 Royal Palm Boulevard, 1st Floor
Weston, FL 33326
Phone: 954-385-0500

Activities that require a special PRIVATE PROPERTY event permit:
An event permit is required for any event, meeting, activity, or gathering held on private property in a non-residential area, where the event substantially inhibits the usual flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic on the surrounding public property, or preempts use by the general public, attracting 50 or more persons.

An event shall include but not be limited to festivals, carnivals, concerts, parades, walks, races, fundraising sales and similar gatherings, grand opening promotions, and city co-sponsored events.

Events or activities held on private property, having no impact on public property or the public as described above do not require an event permit, however, if they include a tent or any other temporarily erected structure, the proper building permit is required.

Activities that require a special PUBLIC PROPERTY event permit:
A public property event permit is required for any event, meeting, activity, gathering or group of persons, having a common purpose, design or goal upon any public facility, street, sidewalk, alley or park that shall attract 50 or more persons. No more than one special event shall be permitted at any park at one time.

A special public property event permit is required to perform a variety of activities or erect any
structures on public property. A list of those requirements is found in Section 94.01 of the Weston
Code of Ordinances.

Call the Weston Zoning staff at 954-385-0500 for more information or inquiries on the
Special Event permitting process.

Download: Event Permit Application
  Special Event Permit Application - WITH Cooking
  Special Event Permit Application - WITHOUT Cooking
  Schedule of Fees

Special events that include the use of tents, cooking and electrical power may need to obtain permits from the Building Department and/or the Fire Marshal's Bureau. These agencies also charge a special event permit fee separate from the City of Weston fee that is listed below.