City of Weston Home Page

Weston's lushly landscaped berms, medians, rights-of-way and parks have become an icon of elegance. Landscaping is one of Weston's greatest assets and a hallmark of the City's appearance.

Trees and plants provide social, ecological, and economic benefits. Their beauty inspires writers and artists, while their leaves and roots clean the air we breathe and the water we drink, they reduce soil erosion and cool our environment.
The Landscape Department is responsible for the maintenance of all of the City's parks, maintenance of athletic fields, mowing of arterial and collector public rights-of-way, irrigation and tree trimming on public rights-of-way. Additionally, the department provides routine landscape maintenance services to other City departments including City Hall, the Police Services Center, the Administrative Services Center, Fire Stations 55, 67, and 81, the Weston Community Center, Public Works Services Center and Weston Tennis Center. The Landscape Department is responsible for fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide applications to all of the aforementioned locations.
The Landscape Department is responsible for maintenance and repairs of all City playgrounds and playground equipment and completes and maintains a monthly playground inspection report to ensure safety and compliance with OSHA, the National Recreation Parks Association and the National Playground Safety Institute.
The Landscape Department schedules and monitors the pressure cleaning of curbs and sidewalks on public roadways and rights-of-way and pressure cleaning and maintenance of monument signs, park shelters and restroom facilities. The Landscape Department assists in the removal of graffiti on City rights-of-way and the replacement and maintenance of City owned roadway signs.