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Tree Removal & Planting Guidelines
The City of Weston has a very strict Tree Preservation Ordinance in place to ensure the preservation of the look and feel of Weston's landscaped environment and to encourage the development of a tree canopy throughout the City. The City's list of recommended residential trees for planting can be accessed below.

City Ordinance, Chapter 122, was adopted to perpetuate the protection, preservation, and conservation of existing trees , natural areas, and landscaped open space as an effective means of conserving energy and to preserve trees to improve the aesthetic quality of the City thereby promoting the health and general welfare of the citizenry. Owing to these many benefits provided by trees , it is the intent of the City to protect this valuable resource through permitting for tree removal . In the evaluation of a Tree Removal permit, priority shall be given to protected trees for the preservation or relocation, replacement, and/or payment into the Weston Tree Trust Account. In addition, it is the policy of the City Commission that every effort shall be made to preserve and maintain natural vegetation within the City as identified in the City's Comprehensive Plan.

Chapter 122
Street trees or trees on Home Owner Association Property CANNOT be removed
without a City permit
What is a Street tree?
Any tree located between the sidewalk and the street, regardless of the size of the trunk width. CANNOT BE REMOVED WITHOUT A PERMIT.
TREE REMOVAL: Need a tree removal permit or unsure if a permit is required to remove a tree on your residential property?
Please call the City Tree Preservation Code Administrator, Bill Tesauro at 954-266-6489 or Email at
You can download the permit application here: Tree Removal Permit Application

All tree/plam trimming, removal, relocations, and root pruning not done by the homeowner themselves, must be done by a City of Weston registered tree service provider in accordance to City Code Chapter 122.

Landscaping must match the original, approved site plan.
Call the City Tree Preservation Code Administrator, Bill Tesauro at 954-266-6489 or
for any changes or removal requests.

Recommended Residential Tree List (PDF)

Tree Services / Certified Arborist List (PDF)

Tree Services / Arborist Annual Registration (PDF)
Tree Service/Arborist Registration