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Experience Weston's picturesque parks and choose from a wide selection of recreational opportunities. From small passive parks to expansive athletic complexes, Weston has a park experience you will enjoy.

Amenities in the Parks :

  • Sport Leagues
  • Shelters, Picnic Areas, Shaded Playgrounds
  • Exercise Areas, Running Tracks, Walking Paths
  • Dogs on a leash are allowed at all parks, with the exception of Weston Regional Park, Town Center Park and Vista Park
  • Weston History and Archeological Walks
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 Park Closure Information

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The Weston Regional Park, Tequesta Trace Park and Vista Park

The Thor Guard lightning prediction system has been installed in these three major city parks. The system constantly monitors and evaluates the electrostatic levels in the atmosphere that could produce lightning and activates when ion levels are in a lightning producing range.

The warning system will emit a loud horn blast, warning athletes and park visitors to clear the fields and seek shelter. The system also gives an "all-clear" notice, by emitting three short horn blasts, giving visitors the OK to resume their activities. Signs within the parks explain how the system works.

While the system has been in place for many years, a determination was made that it was time for upgrades.  Vista Park, Tequesta Trace Park and Weston Regional Park visitors will now find upgrades which include new strobe lights near the entrances at each park.  A blinking light at the entrance will be an immediate and clear indication that conditions are favorable for lightning for people just arriving at the parks.

One of the most useful aspects of this upgrade will be the text messaging capabilities.  When a system goes into a warning it will generate a text message to park staff and league personnel.

Many times, alerts go off on perfectly sunny days - as lightning can strike from a distance of over 10 miles away, when no storm clouds are present in the area. Thor Guard is a valuable tool but it should not be a substitute for common sense. If lightning is seen without a siren warning sound, park users should seek shelter inside a building or vehicle.

Lightning Precautions

  • Avoid open high ground and isolated large trees.
  • Avoid water, beaches and boats.
  • Seek shelter inside a building or an automobile. A picnic shelter or dugouts are not safe shelters from lightning.
  • Stay away from doors, windows, and metal objects such as pipes or faucets.
  • Do not ignore the warning siren.
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