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Frequently Asked Questions
Who handles the maintenance in my community?

Your Homeowners Association (HOA) maintains all of the infrastructure, roadways and landscaping within your private community. For any maintenance or landscaping issues within your community, please call your HOA/Management Company.

A link to the City's list of Weston HOA's is provided: PDF here

Who maintains the lakes/waterways?

The City maintains a majority of the water bodies/lakes inside the communities, though some are privately owned. For questions or concerns on lake maintenance, please call 954-385-2600.

Is fishing in the lakes allowed?

Florida state law allows fishing in any public body of water. City Ordinance prohibits trespassing on private property to access public lakes and prohibits fishing from bridges.

How do I order an additional garbage cart? Have a cart or recycling bins replaced?

Call Republic Services at 954-583-1830. There is a one-time, $62.00 fee for an additional cart, either the 96-gallon size or the 64-gallon size. They will deliver it to your residence. If your cart was damaged or stolen it will be replaced. If recycling bins are damaged or stolen, they will be replaced.

Who do I call if my garbage was not collected?

Call Republic Services Customer Service at 954-583-1830. Hours are M-F, 7am-7pm and Saturday, 7am-10am.

Who do I call to remove animals?
  • For dead animals on the public roadways, contact Public Works at 954-385-2600. Within a gated community please contact your HOA.
  • If an alligator appears threatening, comes close to your home, or becomes a risk for humans or pets, contact Alligator Control at 866-392-4286 between 8AM-5PM or 561-357-4200 after hours. Only nuisance alligators can be removed. The City is not permitted to handle an alligator for any reason.
  • For all other animals, dead or alive, must be removed by a private vendor.
  • Animal Care and Adoption, Broward County - 954-359-1313 - For lost or found pets; pet registration; pet adoption or pet surrender;
Who do I call to report a downed tree?
  • Inside a gated community or HOA, you need to call your maintenance company.
  • Along a public roadway, main road or park, call Public Works at 954-385-2600.