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The Public Works Department is responsible for the management and maintenance of the City's infrastructure. The City infrastructure includes:  all publicly owned roadways, sidewalks, bridges,
traffic signs, street lights; city buildings & facilities; the stormwater management system consisting of a complex network of the drainage structures, pipes, culverts, lakes, canals and pumping stations; over 200 miles of water transmission and distribution mains; approximately 200 miles of wastewater pipes and forcemains; wastewater lift stations; and wetland mitigation areas. Additionally, the department also administers and oversees: the solid waste & recycling collection/disposal contract; the city's fleet maintenance program; Geographical Information System (GIS); and the National Flood Insurance Program.

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City of Weston Stormwater
Management System

» Preventing Street Flooding Video

The water bodies within Weston are an integral part of the City's water management system. The water bodies provide storage for storm water runoff from roadways and other non-pervious areas. In the event of a known major storm event water bodies will be lowered to accommodate the increased runoff, and over time, the water bodies will be returned to their normal levels as the excess water from the storm event is pumped to the Everglades or the Atlantic Ocean. The vegetation in the water bodies adjacent to the banks are known as "littoral shelves", which provides food and nesting habitats for the birds, insects and fish indigenous to the area, and also acts as a cleansing area for the water running off the banks. Introduction of pollutants or other foreign matters into water bodies or the catch basins that flow to the water bodies is a violation of various laws and subject to prosecution.