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» Information on Privately Offered Service Contracts for Water Lines
» Cross Connection Control Program
For New Water Connections/Disconnections
and account billing and payments: 954-746-3232
» Water Meter Application
» Change in Water Meter Size Requirements
NEW CUSTOMERS: Garbage & recycling collection is automatically initiated when you open a water service account. Garbage collection fees are placed onto your annual tax bill.

Water service accounts are opened and billed by the City of Sunrise as Weston purchases its water from the City of Sunrise Utilities Department. Water meter reader service: (Click here)

To go in person:
New River Civic Center
60 Weston Road, Sunrise, FL 33326
On the east side of Weston Road, 1 block south of State Road 84, behind Westgate Square.
Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM.
Documents required for a new utility account: Executed Settlement Statement, Drivers License or official photo ID and $125 deposit.

For the Bonaventure area of Weston:   All other areas in Weston:
Weekdays, 9AM-5PM: 954-746-3232 Weekdays, 9AM-5PM: 954-746-3232
After hours and weekends: 954-888-6087 After hours and weekends: 954-385-2600
Serviced by the City of Sunrise Serviced by Indian Trace Development District

The Broward Water Partnership can help you conserve water by offering rebates and other incentives for replacing older, water-wasting toilets, showerheads and faucet aerators.  For more information on rebates, visit


No water coming in the house

  • Check to see if your house's main water valve is open, allowing water to flow into the house. Oftentimes landscapers or maintenance workers may have turned it off. Location is usually on the side of the house.
  • Call the City of Sunrise Customer Service at 954-746-3232 to see if it was shut off for non-payment.

Water meter leaking

  • If the leakage is in the water system between the meter and your house, you need to contact a plumber.
  • If the actual meter is leaking, call Weston Public Works Services Center at 954-385-2600.

Water has a brownish color

  • If it is mainly the hot water, have the water heater inspected.
  • If you have a filter/filtration system, ensure the filter has been changed.
  • Let the water run for a minute. If it continues, call Public Works at 954-385-2600

How to Report a Drainage Problem

  • Inside a gated community or Homeowner Association community: You need to contact your maintenance association.
  • On a public or main road: Call Weston Public Works at 954-385-2600

Annual Water Quality Report