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Bicycle Friendly Community
The City of Weston has been designated as a
Bicycle Friendly Community from The League of
American Bicyclists

» NEW: Bike Lane Markings
» Weston's Bicycle Master Plan - January 2013 (PDF)

Weston is an ideal community for cycling. Whether an avid cyclist, a recreational biker or using a bike to get to and from school, Weston's 46 miles of marked bike lanes assist cyclists in getting where they are going safely.

The Bicycle Friendly Community program recognizes communities for bicycle friendliness and the benefits are coordination, education, recognition, promotion, technical assistance, inspiration and incentives to the communities receiving designation.

This will ultimately result in an improved bicycling experience throughout Weston.

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South Florida Commuter Services Bicycling Guide

The South Florida Commuter Services Website has a wealth of information on proper bicycling etiquette and safety tips that are helpful to riders at any experience level. From hand signals and Florida bicycle laws to tax benefits for bicycle commuters, the South Florida Commuter Services Website is your go-to site for bicycling information. For more information, visit the Website.

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Bike Racks on Buses

All BCT buses are equipped with bike racks so cyclists can easily transition from riding their bike to riding the bus - a healthy and green alternative to the automobile. Bikes ride for free! For more information on bus routes, visit the Broward County Transit Webpage to learn how to reach your destination.

Plan a Bike Route with Ease!

Find your path - a great tool for cyclist is the BIKE Broward Interactive Bicycle Planning tool. With the comprehensive tool you can view a variety of layers over a countywide map which include: Street network; Public transit; Bicycle suitability; Bicycle facilities; and Recreational.

Go to:

Bicycling - Biking Through a Broward County Park

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